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Hello, Is it Me You’re Looking For?

The latest statistics show a decrease in unemployment numbers.  Regardless of which way your political bread is buttered, the economy is beginning to open up and that means growth.  For many companies, they struggle with how to implement healthy growth strategies.  Humareso desires to help these companies have a plan.

Adding positions within a company may be a part of the growth strategy.  Sourcing and recruiting for these candidates should be more than just posting an ad online and hoping for a great candidate.  The amount of resumes in response can be overwhelming, and what occurs more and more is a weak resume review.
So, what can you do?  How can you do more to stand out?  How can you be prepared to be what a company wants?
Well, I wouldn't recommend sending a singing telegram or having your mom call on your behalf.  I would have your knowledge and skills ready.  Start with these:
  • Adaptability: Are you flexible?  Can you multi-task?
  • Problem-Solving: How do you handle problems?  What reasoning skills do you use?
  • Leadership: Who has followed you (what type)?  What style do you use?
  • Work Ethic: How have you demonstrated that you are self-motivated?
  • Passion: Do you have the ability to generate enthusiasm around you?
  • Willingness to Learn: Do you handle change well?
These are only a handful of skills to review in creating a resume and in preparation for an interview.  There are many more skills that should come up, but for all of them, be ready with examples to back up what you affirm.  An employer wants to understand who you are and how you will benefit the company.
So, it really could be you that an employer is looking for.  Get motivated to put that best foot forward.  If it means playing Lionel Richie to motivate you, then do it...just be sure your windows and blinds are closed.

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