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Special Edition – WorkHuman ’19

Glitz and substance. No, I am not talking about me (though I can understand your thinking).  I am referring to the best annual conference I attend – WorkHuman.  Over the past five years, this conference has grown into the premier event of the year for those interested in advancing the human condition. 

I recently reviewed a video of a business owner who was spouting off about how horrible human resources is.  The basic sentiment was that HR is a loss leader and is only there to keep you compliant and out of some lawsuits, but mostly, they are a waste of time.  He shared that HR was the killjoy to most business opportunities and would often pander to the whiners and complainers at work.  It was almost painful to watch, but I had to admit that some of the characterization, albeit harsh, was earned.

The investment at WorkHuman is that of consideration, conversation and innovation.  When these business owners, HR professionals and entrepreneurs get together, we specifically address all that it means to be human in the workplace.  We address communication needs, social issues, human stressors, encouragement and confidence.  People need to be challenged, yes, but also affirmed and guided.  We want to get the most out of each other, not merely for the business.

We’ve likely worked for companies that have taken our very best, used it for gain and then offered us a $25 gift card as an extra thanks.  That’s not a long-term strategy.  That proliferates the view that organizations have forgotten (if they ever knew) how to treat people.  And while that may seem like a generalization, bear in mind that most employee engagement statistics have remained fairly level for the last twenty years.  Our efforts cannot be programmatic, but rather should be transformative.  How do we make a lasting change to our inner-workings and dynamic?

That’s the magic of WorkHuman.  It faces this head on.  George Clooney, Viola Davis and Geena Davis, will share their thoughts on culture, diversity and social responsibility.  Cy Wakeman will help us understand our conditioned response to blame and to deflect.  Kat Cole will take us on a journey of empowerment and risk.  The lineup goes on for days, literally.

Tackling the human condition at our workplaces is vital for our competitive advantage as well as for our retention and learning strategies.  Engaging with the vibrancy of ideas such as this is powerfully palpable and will change your approach to performance and recognition in your organizations.

(There's still time to join in on the action. Visit to register and use Code WH19INFJBA to save $200)