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We’re All in This Together

This has been quite the time. As a few have stated, “Today has been a long month.” Humareso has had to pivot like so many of you. Our entire team is working from home focused on supporting you and your teams. For some of you, you’ve had to close your doors due to mandates. For some, you’ve had to reduce the workforce due to decreased or non-existent business. Whether you are a B2C or a B2B business, you’ve been impacted.

I know you’ve been looking to various governmental agencies for direction and assistance. What those systems are used to doing in weeks is being asked to be done in days, and at times, overnight. We’re seeing that they cannot move quite that quickly. Even with the legislation passed, the dissemination of that information and the process to be used are still unclear.  Add to it the new federal stimulus package and we’re seeing even more confusion.  All of this is to say, please keep your eye on those legal reporting outlets and your own legal counsel. Bits and pieces delivered through various news outlets and Facebook posts may not give the full picture. Many of the nations’ law firms are hosting free webinars to walk through how all of these components are to work. We encourage you to listen in.

For instance, our friends at Fisher Broyles have put together an overview, up to last night, of the state and local Stay At Home orders, along with some helpful federal and state links. It’s a very useful resource and the link is below.

We know that some of our distribution and big box retailer partners are hiring as quickly as they can. They are seeing an overnight increase in demand for stock workers and online customer service representatives. But, we, also, know that others of you are in choppy waters with some of you holding on for dear life. Honestly, we at Humareso wish we had the ability to steady those ships. For now, we’re committed to supporting you in all of the ways we can – compliance, off-boarding, hiring, organizational strategy…or even, just to talk things out. Whatever we can do, please know we’re here.

We’ll continue to deliver information as quickly as we can using our various forums – email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – as long as it is delivered from governmental and legal outlets.

Thank you for your partnership. We’re in this together, truly.

COVID-19 State and Local Orders

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