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Carnival of HR – January 2022

It's the start of a new year and a new Carnival of HR! Connect with some fantastic content that you may have missed over the past month right here as we've cultivated some of the best of the best. Enjoy the January edition focused on a Fresh Start or in the spirit of a New Approach or New Consideration.

"New Year’s resolutions at work can help create an inclusive work environment. Everyone in the department or team will state what their work resolution is, and this will form a discussion. This is a way for your department or team to discuss your resolutions. The discussion creates an open and safe dialogue in the workplace that will help embrace inclusion and unite the team. This exercise will help prioritize and guide employees with their roles, goals, work culture, and upcoming projects."

"It’s a New Year and I have to be honest, I’m looking forward to what lies ahead. You see, when this post goes live, I’ll actually be a year older myself. It’s one of the things I’ve learned to accept in having a birthday so close to the holiday season. I used to be bothered by its proximity to the festivities, but now it just marks time."

“In general, wisdom is much more difficult to communicate as compared to iA human resources department is a critical component of employee well-being in any business, no matter how small. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws. Whether your company’s HR is a department of one or a small team, it’s important to ensure your employees have access to internal resources to ask questions, raise concerns, and express their views on how your workplace could be improved."

“While I know there’s a tremendous focus on recruitment right now, organizations can’t ignore the employee experience. Because that’s what attracts and retains employees.

And when we think about the employee experience, one of the most common themes I’m seeing is diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB). Employees want to work for organizations that bring together different people because it helps individuals learn and grow. They want to be a part of organizations where everyone is welcomed and valued. Employees want to know that equity exists in their organization."

"I’m calling 2022 the “Great Retention“! Primarily because I was sick of hearing “Great Resignation” when it wasn’t really the great resignation, it was more reshuffling. A ton of openings allowed workers to upgrade jobs and salaries in 2021, so yes, folks “resigned” but then immediately accepted a job somewhere else they felt was better for their life choices."

"The vulnerability of women’s role in the workplace showed up front and center when COVID-19 took hold of the world. Nearly half a million more women than men exited the workforce during the pandemic."

"A little over five years ago, TikTok, the social networking platform where users post videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to three minutes, was born. Now, I know that it’s hard to keep up with technology. But if your employee handbook doesn’t specifically reference TikTok — and I’m not just talking about your social media policy — then you, or your employees, or perhaps both, are looking for trouble."

“'The perks, baby. What about the perks?' Ah, just love those candidate questions during an interview. Yes, that’s verbatim from an interview I had some years back. I understand the desire for perks. I like to have them myself. But what perks are the perks to percolate? (See what I did there?) It’s bound to be different for different organizations filled with a varied population."