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Carnival of HR | January 2023

It's time for another amazing year of the perennial favorite - Carnival of HR. We offer up each month the very best that Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and HR Tevhnology have to offer. Whether content delivered in a blog, an article, a podcast or webcast, we cover it all. 
To kick off January, we have a potpourri of topics for you to enjoy. Thanks for visiting the Carnival!
Jennifer McClureOptimize Your Linkedin Profile To Build Your Personal Brand And Grow Your Career - "Whether you’re searching for your next job, open to career growth opportunities, or looking to grow your personal brand, or your business, your best opportunity to get noticed online is to have a robust, fully complete, and active LinkedIn profile." -
Jason LauritsenWhat Baggage are you Carrying into 2023? - "We all carry some of this baggage, some more than others. And we all have the ability to set at least some of that baggage down, if we choose to do so." -
Robin Schooling - Requesting a Table for One - "Far too many HR Professionals, unfortunately, tend to create new policies, procedures or rules based on the actions – or misactions – of ONE employee." -
Steve Browne - The Next Step - "There’s nothing wrong with living a robust and full life. It would be fantastic if that was true for everyone as long as it would be filled with activities that brought us joy. This includes the work we do." -
The Inclusive AF Podcast with Jackye Clayton & Katee Van Horn - Getting Inclusive AF with Dr. Kerry Mitchell Brown - "Dr. Mitchell Brown's expertise in holistic cultural change and sustainable transformation has positively impacted the organizational culture of Fortune 500 companies such as Prudential Financial and Walt Disney Company." -


Suzanne LucasDear Sundar Pichai, Here Is How You Lay off Employees - "U.S. Google employees got an email version of the traditional pink slip. This appears to be the popular way to lay people off. After all, there are no uncomfortable conversations, and you can tell thousands of people at once! It's also the wrong way to terminate employees." -
Sharlyn Lauby - Why Employees Might Consider Joining Unions - "Organizations can’t view activities like communication, training, and feedback as niceties that they don’t need to do in a volatile economy. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If you want people – both employees and customers – to stick with you during uncertain times, then you need to offer some consistency in the way you do business." -
Meghan BiroTransforming Talent Acquisition: One Employer’s Story - "If your organization is like most, you’re constantly looking for ways to strengthen your workforce through smarter talent acquisition tactics. Although recruiting has shifted dramatically during the past few years, some innovative practices from the pre-pandemic era are worth another look." -
HR Means Business Podcast with Mervyn DinnenMaking Remote and Flexible Work Successful for our People - "I think one of the big surprises for me post pandemic was just how quickly people adapted, but not just how quickly they’re not just how quickly they were able to identify, I want to keep working in a remote way." -
Humareso Blog featuring John BaldinoCool Change: Approach with Expectation - "The fear of change is often influenced by the extremism we expect. The percentage of those changes that are life-altering are few and far between. But we still worry about what will change, how it will affect us, or what it might mean for those we care about." -
Recruiting Daily Blog featuring Matt EkstromHow Hiring Managers Can Find Millions of Overlooked Workers - "Although the persistently tight labor market is beginning to show signs of slackening, companies are still struggling to find enough workers to fill their open positions. In the United States, there are significantly more job openings than unemployed people who are actively looking to fill them." -