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Carnival of HR - Feb

One of my fondest childhood memories was heading to the show when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to town. By that era, of course, they had long stopped setting up their own Big Top on the outskirts of town and, instead, circus patrons headed to the local arena. Growing up in Milwaukee, I was lucky to live through the era of the Great Circus Parade (held 30 times between 1963 and 2009). Alongside the bands, Shriners and dancing groups, the parade featured hundreds of clowns, wagons, animals and antique circus vehicles. These items were transported the 200 miles from Baraboo, WI to Milwaukee on the "circus train" (which people lined up to watch along the route). Upon arrival, the "circus" would set up in a park on the shores of Lake Michigan and hold shows in an actual real-life outdoor Big Top.

I loved it.

Those days, of course, are long gone. Other types of entertainment became more popular, and circuses became relics from some distant, dusty past.

But the circus, like it's closely related form of entertainment, the carnival, still exists to some degree (although they've gotten much better with animal treatment!). Both circuses and carnivals bring their events TO people. The Carnival Barker and the Circus Ringleader strive to be entertaining. And, most importantly, they work to assemble enticing acts - whether on a fairground field or under the Big Top.

So, with a bit of a flourish (no sleight of hand), we present this edition of the Carnival of HR. We've gathered some of the latest and greatest blog posts, LinkedIn Articles, and podcasts from February 2023.


The Written Word 


The Spoken Word