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Gathering Under the Big Tent | Carnival of HR

The origins of the “Carnival of HR” can be traced back to the distant days (2007!) of HR content creation; a time when podcasts were in their infancy and video creation somehow existed even in those pre-TikTok days.

The Carnival of HR, a monthly collection of blog posts that “travels” each month to be curated by a different “host,” brings together a collection of writers, speakers, profession-changing innovators and, the best part of all, HR leaders and practitioners who simply have something to say. The Carnival, and we may be biased, has laid the foundation for the various iterations of the greater – and incredibly global - #HRcommunity that has morphed and rejuvenated itself in the ensuing decade-and-a-half.

And the Carnival, beyond being a repository for up-to-the minute thinking that provides easy access to knowledge seekers, is first and foremost about bringing people together.

Under a big – and WELCOMING - tent.

Community | A Story

Recently, a member of the community, has been on a brave journey. Nicole Roberts, an HR leader and the founder of the People Solutions Group, was diagnosed with cancer (and fighting it!) at about the same time she experienced a lay off at work.

Laurie Ruettimann and Jennifer McClure have highlighted Nicole’s story – and her indomitable spirit. You can listen at:

Laurie and Jennifer have also created a GoFundMe – and you can learn more here.

THIS…is why the Carnival tent is wide open. #Community

June Content | Read

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Tech Unions on the Rise: How AI is Influencing Labor Dynamics – Michael VanDervort, Labor Relations Institute, Inc.

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How a Leader’s Well-Meaning Actions Thwart Career Development (Without Even Knowing It) – Julie Winkle Giulioni

Build a Team: Three Myths Small Businesses Believe When Recruiting – And What to Do Instead – Joey Price, Jumpstart HR

A Different Corner – John Baldino

Embracing Resilience: Bouncing Back After a Challenging Work Episode - Mark Fogel, Human Capital 3.0

Breadcrumbing in the Workplace – Dorothy Dalton, 3 Plus International

Selling Ice to Eskimos? Leadership Development in Very Successful Organizations – Prasad Kurian

June Content | Listen and Watch

Business as Unusual for HCM – Burning Platform Podcast with host Vinnie Mirchandani and guests Trish McFarlane and Meg Bear

Talking AI Regulation in Talent Acquisition – DrivethruHR Podcast with hosts Michael VanDervort and Robin Schooling and guest Will Rose of TalentSelect AI

DEI Success Stories, Epic Fails & Legal Actions to Watch – Leading in Color Podcast with host Sarah Morgan

Getting Inclusive AF with Liz Valencia Key – The Inclusive AF Podcast with hosts Jackye Clayton and Katee VanHorn

SHRM 2023 Recap – the team at Humareso