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March Madness | Carnival of HR Style

We’re down to the Final Four here in the US. (With apologies to our readers from across the globe for this very US-centric pre-amble).

Of course the biggest story out of this year’s NCAA Men’s tournament was how all No.1 seed teams were eliminated before the Elite Eight play (first time in history that happened). The second biggest story, IMO, has been the collective sounds of crying and gnashing of teeth as armchair coaches, workplace bracket-players, and even hard-core gamblers found themselves with busted brackets. (fun fact: according to the NCAA there has never been a verified perfect bracket. Which makes sense when you realize the odds are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.)

You know what IS verified perfection though? The content generated across the HR eco-system during the month of March (she shoots! she scores!). Check out the monthly submissions for this month’s Carnival of HR – and thanks to all the creators who continue to share their ideas and insight via the written and spoken word!



Why Background Screening is Crucial for Employee Retention in the Modern Workplace - Joey Price and Sommer Ketron at the While We Were Working Podcast

Low-budget HR Ideas for Startups - Mary Williams, Pinnacle Advertising on the People Analytics Podcast

How Organizational Layoffs Affect Employee Well-being and Workplace DynamicsSarah Morgan at the Inclusion Crusade podcast (HR Happy Hour network)


Blog Posts

Expecting Harassment: Women and Workplace - Paul LaLonde

At What Point Is a Contract “Frustrated”, And What Does That Mean? – Stuart Rudner

Don’t Blame the Manager When Employees Leave – Robin Schooling

Simplicity @ the other side of Complexity - Kurian Prasad

Why Senior Female Executives Need a Sponsor Tree  - Dorothy Dalton

Why Committed Employees Are Harder and Harder to Find. Have You Heard About the Hawkins Map of Consciousness and the Schumann Resonance?Georgiana-Florina Mihalache

Why nontraditional candidate pools lead to great hires Melissa Suzono at Greenhouse

The Employee Services Delivery Model Is Broken.Mindy Honcoop at MeBeBot

Let’s Disrupt Performance Reviews with A +Plus / -Minus System - Mark Fogel

Powerful Phrases to Deal with a Credit Stealer of Idea Thief – Karin Hurt and David Dye at Let’s Go Leaders

The Beginners Guide to ChatGPT's effect on 5 core HR functions – Jamie Aquila



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